Sex With Strangers Tease New Releases via "Space & Time" and "Momento"

Sex With Strangers Tease New Releases via 'Space & Time' and 'Momento'
Vancouver dance-rock crew Sex With Strangers haven't released a record since 2014's You Know Something We Don't? Ready to make up for lost time, the five-piece have set a release timetable for the coming year and given Exclaim! the exclusive premiere of two new tracks.

"Space & Time" will serve as the title track and first single from a new four-track EP, set to arrive on March 21. The band worked with Jason Corbett (ACTORS, Jody Glenham) to record and produce Space & Time at Jacknife Sound in their native Vancouver. If that's not enough, the band are also plotting to drop a full-length album on September 13.

Continuing to explore and experiment with a wide variety of sounds, the band's latest cuts showcase their willingness to think outside of the musical box. "Space & Time" is noticeably indebted to psych and new wave, while some may think they have the hard-rocking "Momento" all figured out until a breathy saxophone unexpectedly cuts through the wall of fuzzed-out guitars.

Ahead of their upcoming releases, get to know Sex With Strangers by taking an inaugural listen to "Space & Time" and "Momento" in the players below.

Sex With Strangers will be playing a Vancouver show on February 6 at the Cobalt with the Wet Secrets.