Sea Oleena Announces Debut LP, Premieres "If I'm"

Sea Oleena Announces Debut LP, Premieres 'If I'm'
After issuing a few solo EPs, Montreal musician Sea Oleena is now gearing up for the release of her first proper full-length. Her debut album Shallow arrives September 30 through Lefse Records.

According to a press release, Shallow began to take shape following the release of 2010's Sea Oleena and 2011's Sleeplessness, with the songwriter taking to various bedrooms and studio spaces to craft the song cycle alongside her brother, Luke Loseth. The record, which was completed in 2013, is said to make for a "blissful, cinematic listen," with the singer's voice detailing "heartbreaking experiences" and the "feelings of hope and optimism" left in their wake.

Down below, you can sample the gentle, chamber music arrangement of pitter-pattering piano, stand-up bass, pizzicato strings and shushed vocal harmonies of first single "If I'm," as well as check out the album's tracklisting.


1. If I'm
2. Shallow
3. To Hold
4. Shades of Golden
5. Everyone With Eyes Closed
6. Vinton, LA
7. Paths