Saxsyndrum "Up to You" (Drowzy Remix)

Saxsyndrum 'Up to You' (Drowzy Remix)
Montreal electro-pop outfit Saxsyndrum have been making the most out of hooky, grooving single "Up to You" by treating it with a series of remixes, starting with its dub version B-side. Now, Exclaim! is pleased to premiere a second remix, this time courtesy of Drowzy — the new side-project from Young Galaxy's Steve Ramsay.

Though Saxsyndrum have embraced their poppier side over the last few years, phasing out their danceable electro-jazz instrumentals in favour of vocals and song structures, this new remix goes back to their dance party roots, stretching "Up to You" into a 12-minute trance track.

The Drowzy remix chops up the original's hooks into tiny pieces and repeats them infinitely, with A.P. Bergeron's vocals transformed into breathy samples.

In a statement, Ramsay had this to tell Exclaim! about his remix:

By using the repetition that exists within the song's hooks, I tried to create a hypnotic, subtly shifting soundscape by deconstructing the source sounds so that the listener wouldn't be able to identify what made them exactly.

The remix turns up the BPM but retains the original's chilled-out atmospherics thanks to its subtle percussion and soothing tones. Mutating arpeggiated synths and sax riffs into sprawling, meditative techno, Ramsay's redo achieves his goal in "mak[ing] the overall effect an immerse, transporting one."

Give it a spin in the player below.