Sandro Perri Cameron House, Toronto ON, May 8

Sandro Perri Cameron House, Toronto ON, May 8
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
You never know what you're going to get with a Sandro Perri show. So eclectic is the Toronto musician and producer's output that it really depends on which other musicians are around to join in. On this night, Perri was helped out by bass player Mike Smith and drummer Blake Howard to perform a clutch of new, as yet unreleased tracks. Starting the night sitting with a finger-picked, nylon string guitar, the music upon first listen was light and smooth, with an air of art-damaged Cat Stevens to it. Given Perri's prodigious studio know-how, they could emerge in almost any form in the future.

Perri sat for the first half of the performance, looking up with a cocked eyebrow at the small crowd gathered in the Cameron House's backroom. Standing up and grabbing his electric guitar, the three-piece dipped back to 2011's Impossible Spaces for the epic "Wolfman" before ending the night with a final new tune.

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