Fortunato Durutti Marinetti Announces 'Eight Waves in Search of an Ocean,' Shares Single

Hear "Lightning on a Sunny Day" now

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 25, 2023

Having graduated from past projects the Shilos and the Pinc Lincolns, Turn-born/Toronto-based songwriter Dan Colussi has announced his next album as Fortunato Durutti Marinetti. Eight Waves in Search of an Ocean is out November 3 through Quindi Records and Soft Abuse, and the single "Lightning on a Sunny Day" is streaming now.

The album was produced by Sandro Perri, although the thumping, motorik "Lightning on a Sunny Day" was produced by Jay Arner with saxophone by John Nicholson.

According to a press release, Colussi calls the album "poetic jazz rock," even though it's not poetry or jazz and doesn't rock. It's a hybrid of electronic and organic, and features synth, sax and violin. The title phrase comes from Ishmael Reed's novel Mumbo Jumbo, and the lyrics reflect on losing loved ones. Hear the single below, and see the LP tracklist below that.

Eight Waves in Search of an Ocean follows 2022's Memory's Fool, as well as the 2020 debut Desire, which was reissued last year.

Eight Waves in Search of an Ocean:

1. Lighting on a Sunny Day
2. The Flowers
3. Misfit Streams
4. The Movie of Your Life
5. Clerk of Oblivion
6. Smash Your Head Against the Wall
7. Tomorrow's Poem
8. I Need You More

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