Sally Shapiro's Johan Agebjörn Plays 'Notes' on New Solo Album

Sally Shapiro's Johan Agebjörn Plays 'Notes' on New Solo Album
Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn is best known as the behind-the-scenes member of synth-pop act Sally Shapiro, but he's also released some material under his own name over the years. His new solo album is called Notes, and it will be out on February 10 through Paper Bag Records.

This record features a guest appearance his usual vocal collaborator Shapiro, along with Young Galaxy, Brain Machine and Lonely Dear. An announcement from the label calls it "a dreamy, melancholic and mostly instrumental collection of songs."

Much of the album is based around the electric piano sound from a consumer-level '80s keyboard called a Casio MT-52. Agebjörn told Resident Advisor that the album is "pretty beatless." This mellow sound can be heard on the album opener "The Right to Play," which is streaming at the bottom of this page.

Also below, see the tracklist. The album comes on bronze-coloured vinyl, or in a two-CD set along with a bonus pressing of the 2006 CD-R Music with Less Electricity. It can be pre-ordered here.


1. The Right to Play
2. Spin My Head Through Times
3. The Boy Who Thought It Was a Good Idea to Cry
4. Malala's Dream
4. The Leftovers (ft. Loney Dear)
5. You Passed Through (ft. Young Galaxy)
6. Careful (ft. Sally Shapiro)
7. Will They Forgive Us
8. Alpha Beta Gamma (Johan Agebjörn Remix Edit) (ft. Brain Machine)
9. It Was Never a Challenge to Love You
10. The Best Thing (ft. Sally Shapiro)
11. On Golden Wings I Fly