Rufus Wainwright Just Can't Stop Covering CanCon Classics

And we hope he never does

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jul 18, 2023

Birthdays, am I right? Some people love 'em, and some people hate 'em. Well, Rufus Wainwright loves his birthday — and, since he's giving us the gift of CanCon classic covers to celebrate, who are we to complain? 

Rolling Stone shared a video today of the Montreal-raised singer as he took to the stage at his early 50th birthday party this weekend to turn Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" into something of a ballad alongside Stephen Stills's son, Chris. 

Perhaps the ultimate folk music nepo baby, Wainwright also covered songs by his parents. To honour his late mother Kate McGarrigle, he performed her 1970s hits "First Born" and "Talk to Me of Mendocino." He also joined his dad Loudon Wainwright III for a rendition of his song "Rufus Is a Tit Man" (no, we're not going to dive into that). 

Wainwright rounded out the night of CanCon covers by taking on Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." 

Oh, and did we mention that he loves his birthday? Well, as yet another celebration of his 50th, he shared Folkocracy last month, which features another Neil Young cover in "Harvest." 

Watch Wainwright's full cover of "Harvest Moon" at the Rolling Stone official website and swipe through a slideshow of pictures from his party featuring cameos from Liev Schreiber, Jimmy Fallon and his sister Martha Wainwright

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