Royal Canoe's Matt Schellenberg Teams Up with John K. Samson on 'Lovesick' Soundtrack

Royal Canoe's Matt Schellenberg Teams Up with John K. Samson on 'Lovesick' Soundtrack
Tyson Caron's Lovesick certainly shows its ties to Canada (Winnipeg, in particular) onscreen, and is set to do so through its Matt Schellenberg-produced original soundtrack too. The Royal Canoe member has announced the OST will arrive on January 20.

Schellenberg's soundtrack features 13 original songs and features an all-Manitoban lineup of musical contributors, including John K. Samson (the Weakerthans), Alexa Dirks (Begonia) and Bobby Desjarlais (Attica Riots).

The focus on Manitoba's musical talent was made at the request of director Caron, who asked for "the musical setting to be songs, not score." 

"Normally when you set out to score a film with full songs you do what's called sync placement, so you find a bunch of bands with different songs and you get those songs," Schellenberg explained in a press release. "Instead, [Caron] wanted me to write all the pieces, but have them still be very diverse different tunes. So it's been a real challenge but it's been great exploring this new musical territory."

A press release reveals that Schellenberg's soundtrack features sonics ranging from Elvis-inspired rhythm and blues, to rap's ubiquitous trap sounds, to even samba music. 

"I think what's interesting about this is that I'm not trying to make it sound like me — I'm trying to make it sound like a variety of artists, and I hope that there's still some continuity there, but I hope that the diversity is an interesting part of it," he said.

Read through the tracklisting below to find a stream of the John K. Samson team-up and the trailer for Lovesick. The film will be screening in Winnipeg from January 27 through February 5, with more details available here.

Lovesick - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

1. Lovesick 
2. Quiet Sounds
3. Draw Blood
4. We Spent Our Love
5. Record on the Table (ft. Begonia)
6. Exit Interview (ft. John K. Samson)
7. Little Secrets
8. Sounding It Out (ft. Matt Peters)
9. San Francisco 
10. Your Understudy (ft. Talula Schegel)
11. End of a Parade (ft. Bobby Desjarlais)
12. Venus
13. Like That (ft. SMRT)