'Hammer of the Witch' (album stream)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 10, 2014

There's still a week to go before Cleveland wrecking crew Ringworm set their new Hammer of the Witch LP into stores, but you can check out the devastating metal-hardcore effort blow-by-blow ahead of its March 18 due date now with an online stream.

Don't let those initial cello strums on opener "Dawn of Decay" fool you into thinking the act have gone soft on us, as it quickly explodes into a hard-chugged thrash track replete with vocalist Human Furnace's signature tough guy wail and some seventh circle of hell-styled backup screeches.

In addition to the previously released "Bleed," from the 2013 EP of the same name, and the vicious "Hammer of the Witch," a multitude of dizzying, fretboard-flaying guitar solos mark "Leave Your Skin at the Door," while other rippers include the blast beat heavy "Psychic Vampire" and "King of Blood."

You'll find the crushing Hammer of the Witch, which is the outfit's first full-length for Relapse Records, down below.

Read an interview with Ringworm vocalist Human Furnace here.

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