Rick Ross's Vancouver Concert Ended in a Brawl While Drake Diss Song Played

The rapper and his entourage were confronted by a group of men at the Ignite Music Festival

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 1, 2024

This year's enormous rap beef simply refuses to end, as Rick Ross was jumped by a group of men following a Vancouver concert, seemingly in relation to his role in the feud with Drake.

Ross played at the Ignite Music Festival at Vancouver's Plaza of Nations on Sunday (June 30). At the end of the set, Ross exited while Kendrick Lamar's scathing Drake diss "Not Like Us" played over the PA. According to various reports, Ross and his entourage were then confronted by a group of men who blocked their path.

Footage shows one of the men throwing a punch at Ross — right when the "A minor" line of "Not Like Us" plays, incidentally. A full-on fight then breaks out between the two groups.

Footage of the incident can be seen below — but be forewarned that it's a nasty fight, with a group of men kicking another punching an associate of Ross while yelling racist epithets. In a second brawl that breaks out immediately after, another man is knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Drake's official account "liked" an Instagram video of the brawl.

Ross told TMZ that no one in his crew suffered serious injuries. On his Instagram Story, he shared a photo of himself in front of a private jet with a caption reading, "Vancouver it was fun, till next time." 

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