Retox "This Should Hurt a Little Bit" (video)

Retox 'This Should Hurt a Little Bit' (video)
Mangled, distorted, ugly — these are all words that apply to West Coast punkmongers Retox's latest album, Beneath California. They just as easily work in describing the scratched-out mess that serves as the video for the record's "This Should Hurt a Little Bit."

Director Robby Wartke has cut together a video piecing together various moments from home movies, but seemingly burned up pieces of the vintage footage in the process. Instead of happy faces of hugging couples, we're confronted with a series of blistering visages, their bubbling features looking something like cold cuts left rotting beneath a summer sun.

You'll find the uncomfortable assemblage of footage, scored by the band's scrappy rhythms and Justin Pearson's vitriol-fuelled snarls, down below.