The Residents Announce $100,000 Box Set

The Residents Announce $100,000 Box Set
If Jimmy Page's $700 book was a little out of your price range, then you definitely won't be able to afford the new box set from avant-garde vets the Residents. It costs a staggering $100,000, making this perhaps the most expensive merch item we've ever seen.

The so-called Ultimate Box Set comes housed in a 28-cubic-foot refrigerator. Inside the fridge is an original pressing of every Residents release ever, from albums to singles to music videos, to DVDs, CDs and CD-ROMs. There are more than 100 releases, in addition to one of the band's iconic eyeball masks.

There are 10 box sets available, meaning that the Residents will net a million dollars if they sell them all. Watch singer Randy introduce the Ultimate Box Set in the comical trailer below. It goes on sale on December 25 via the band's website and comes as part of the group's 40th anniversary celebrations.

In addition to the box set, the Residents are selling a mystery box containing a one-of-a-kind item. What exactly that item is will remain a secret unless someone shells out $5 million to purchase it. As far as we can tell, this is a real item that the Residents are actually selling, making this a pretty hilarious money-making scheme.

The band will be touring the U.S. next year. See the currently confirmed schedule here.

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