Toronto's Rehearsal Factory Confirms Sale of Richmond Street Location

The Geary Avenue space currently remains unsold, despite claims by the C3 church

Photo via Rehearsal Factory's Facebook

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 21, 2021

Earlier this month, megachurch C3 announced that it had purchased Rehearsal Factory's building on Toronto's Geary Avenue — a claim that was subsequently refuted by the owners of the practice space complex. Although that building currently remains unsold, Rehearsal Factory has now confirmed that it has sold its building at 660 Richmond St. W in downtown Toronto.

Earlier this week, Toronto musicians who rent rooms at Rehearsal Factory's Richmond Street location began posting online that they had been given notices to leave their spaces by July 31. Rehearsal Factory has now confirmed the building has been sold.

Rehearsal Factory owners Chris and Evon Skinner said in a statement to Exclaim!, "Due to COVID lockdowns, the Rehearsal Factory location at 660 Richmond St. W will be closing its doors effective July 31, 2021. All tenants have been offered an opportunity to relocate to the Front Street, Geary Avenue and other locations. The Geary Avenue location has not been sold. If and when it does sell, we will lease it back for as long as possible."

Real estate listings reveal that numerous other Rehearsal Factory locations are currently on the market: 1611 Finfar Crescent in Mississauga, 827 Gordon Street in Oshawa, 160 Islington Avenue in Etobicoke, and 747 King Street East in Hamilton.

The only Rehearsal Factory locations that don't seem to be currently listed on are the locations on Front Street and Geary Avenue in Toronto.

UPDATE (5/25, 1:42 p.m. ET): Additionally, the company confirmed to Exclaim! that the facility on Front Street was already sold more than two years ago and still operates as a Rehearsal Factory.

A petition on is urging the City of Toronto to not allow C3 to purchase the Geary location. As of press time, it has just shy of 2,400 signatures.

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