Red Bull Music Academy Relocates to Madrid in Wake of Japanese Disaster

Red Bull Music Academy Relocates to Madrid in Wake of Japanese Disaster
As previously reported, organizers at the Red Bull Music Academy are currently preparing for another one of their world-class workshops where aspiring producers and music makers learn tips and expand their knowledge through lectures, workshops and hands-on recordings with industry-leading musicians. The 2011 edition was originally planned to take place in Tokyo, but in light of the recent environmental disasters that have ravaged Japan, the RBMA has chosen to relocate to Madrid, Spain.

RBMA organizers explained that the decision was made out of necessity and that Japan would not be forgotten during the conference with the following statement:

Although the kick off date is set for October, our work on the Tokyo edition started back in April 2010, and the most crucial phase for all of the above is now. When the terrible events of March 11 struck in North East Japan, we had to make a decision about a potential relocation as soon as possible, and it quickly became apparent that going forward with these plans in Tokyo right now would not be possible. Furthermore, we received a lot of cancellations from people who had already applied. The same goes for artists who were requested to lecture and perform in Tokyo. These are the people who make the event what it is, and we had to respect their current concerns.

Our involvement in and contribution to the musical landscape in Japan will not stop. To the contrary, we will build on the strong networks and close ties that have evolved throughout the process of preparing the Academy. We will continue to host workshops, gigs, Red Bull Music Academy Radio sessions and festival stages as we did at SónarSound Tokyo, as well as setting up international showcases for Japanese culture: in Madrid and beyond.

 The Red Bull Music Academy is still running from October 23 to November 25 as originally planned. Applications for the event have been extended to April 26. More information on how to can be found here.