Raekwon "You Used to Love Me"

Raekwon 'You Used to Love Me'
In case you haven't noticed, the last couple of months have had Wu-Tang master Raekwon cooking up new singles every Thursday as part of his #TBT series. Despite the ominous association with the number 13, if you're a fan of both the Chef and Faith Evans, it's your lucky day. The rapper has just reimagined the R&B singer's "You Used to Love Me."

Rae's new bars above the gummy bounce of bass and guitar gels into a narrative about being a "typical g" with a remarkable wardrobe and a romantic heart. He goes off about treating his gal to Four Seasons stops and Norwegian fish meals, which maybe sounds tempting. As with the other Throwback Thursday entries, he lets the original track ride until fading out.

You can check the smooth #TBT single down below.