Quiet Parade Reveal Self-Titled Record, Share Video

Quiet Parade Reveal Self-Titled Record, Share Video
You may remember Quiet Parade from releases like their Old Haunts EP, but now the Halifax-based folk-pop outfit are ready to unveil their brand new self-titled full-length. Quiet Parade is due out on September 18 through Acadian Embassy.
Although it started as a solo project of Trevor Murphy, the songs on the upcoming album are the result of a combined effort from the band. The new music was spawned from nostalgia, but presents original songs that are "as forward-looking melodically as they are lyrically wistful."
The 10-song set was produced by Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, the Fortunate Ones), and although Murphy has always drawn inspiration from memories, the mood on the latest record is "wider, wiser more confident."
A press release notes that it's an album for an array of occasions — "for late-night drives and early morning walks, on headphones at a whisper and stereos turned up loud."
You can get the first taste of what the new album sounds like in the video for lead single "We Were Here." It's an adorable clip that follows a young girl playing make believe and packing up her briefcase with granola bars, crayons and bubbles before heading out for a busy day of work. Scroll past the tracklisting for Quiet Parade to give it a watch.
Quiet Parade:
1. All My Time
2. Heavy Winter
3. Light Back Home
4. Good Advice
5. Calling Out
6. We Were Here
7. Ancestors
8. Running Out Of Time
9. I Will Try
10. City Of The Dead