Prins Obi "Notions" (video)

Prins Obi 'Notions' (video)
To those familiar with their Greek indie rock, Prins Obi (real name George Dimakis) may be a familiar face. Having fronted Athens-based experimental indie group Baby Guru, Obi is now breaking out solo with his debut album Notions — and has got the video premiere of the album's title track.
The song is a hypnotizing electro-fuelled number, featuring shiny synth work and half-spoken, half-sung vocals from Obi. Utilizing a Moog, it's one example from an album that "carries psychedelic frills and an aroma of late '60s, early '70s, but with unexpected changes in style."
The clip was directed by Natalia Papadopoulou and shows footage as seen by a girl in a moving car. Colourfully lit trees whiz by the window, framed through a mass of windblown hair.
Notions is out now via Inner Ear. You can watch the video for the song of the same name below.