Primal Scream Talk Drugs, New Album, Failed Kylie Collaboration

Primal Scream Talk Drugs, New Album, Failed Kylie Collaboration
In their 25 years, Primal Scream never shied away from the odd sampling of drugs, which in their heyday meant binging orgies. So it comes as no surprise that back in that heyday of theirs, circa Screamadelica, Bobby Gillespie was asked to pen a song for Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue. Turns out, he and his gang were too off their heads to seize the opportunity.

Speaking with Q, Gillespie spoke of the chance to work with Kylie in the early '90s. "She did ask us to write a song for her once, we met her and she was fucking lovely," he said. "This was when she was a proper pop star, in 1992 or around about then. However, we were too fucked up to even write a song for ourselves at that time."

The pint-sized blonde bombshell did manage to turn up at one of the Scream's gigs at the time, and according to Gillespie, she was offered a selection of drugs but politely declined. "People were offering her stuff and she said, 'Thanks, but no thanks'. She was lovely."

With a new album set to drop on July 22 called Beautiful Future, the Scream have reassessed their professional relationship with drugs. In an interview with The Scotsman, bassist and renowned party animal Mani admitted the band kept clear of recreational substances to "be true" to their talent.

"We've curbed the partying a bit," explained Mani. "This time, you find Primal Scream behaving themselves. In the studio, you've got to be true to your talent and if you're off your tits, you ain't gonna do that are you? The good behaviour doesn't have to hold forever but I'm quite enjoying it. I've never had such clarity and we're on a great level musically, so why ruin it?

"Also, we've had 20 odd years of doing it – it's time for somebody else to take over. Let Winehouse and Doherty go and kill themselves; we're about the business of living and making music now."

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