Ontario's Bonnaroo-Affiliated Festival Teasing Secret Event?

Ontario's Bonnaroo-Affiliated Festival Teasing Secret Event?
A series of mysterious yellow, black and white posters have popped up across Toronto, warning onlookers: "Do not come to the Great Hall on Tuesday, February 10."
According to speculation from Toronto radio station Indie88, the posters are promoting an event that "will actually be the announcement for the much anticipated festival coming to just north of Toronto."
The fest in question is the as-yet-unnamed Bonnaroo-affiliated weekend-long music and camping festival that will take place in Barrie from July 24 to 26.
The folks at Indie88 have pointed out that the geographic coordinates around the border of the posters point to Burl's Creek Event Grounds — the confirmed location of the summer music event. From there, the station has postulated that the February 10 event will reveal further details about the event itself — maybe even confirm the festival's name and lineup.
As previously reported, promoters Republic Live confirmed that the new festival will not be called Home Away, though the mysterious posters have reopened speculation on what it will actually be called.
Indie88 believe they've cracked the word puzzle accompanying the poster (pictured above), coming to the conclusion that the fest will be named Way Home. As the station explained on air, the "23-A-25" along the top refers to letters in the alphabet, spelling out "W-A-Y," while the first letter of each object in the pictographs spell out "H-O-M-E" (hand, orange, moon, eye).
Republic Live has not confirmed any details of the festival's name or any details of the February 10 event.
For those hoping to satisfy their curiosity, the poster notes that: "Although entry is discouraged, it is technically permitted." It also states that entry begins at 8 p.m., with an orientation starting at 9 p.m. for a maximum of 350 guests.
For anyone wanting to play the crazy internet speculation game, a subreddit for the festival popped up earlier this morning.