Plants and Animals Space Out with Their "Love That Boy" Video

It's the latest track to arrive from 'The Jungle'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 29, 2020

Plants and Animals are gearing up for their new album The Jungle, and here to give us another glimpse of the record is a new track. The song is called "Love That Boy," and it's arrived via a new video.

According to the band's Warren Spicer, "It's a song about my family, present and past, but it feels more like a meditation. I was upset, frustrated and feeling like no one knew me — the kid me, the me I still feel I am. And then writing the song chilled me out and put me right. It was a way to connect with my dead parents and with my new life as a dad, and to give everyone a proper hug."

As for the video for "Love That Boy," it was directed by Yann-Manuel Hernandez and apparently inspired by Spicer's early memories as a child.

"I have a strong memory of being a kid in the backseat of my parent's car driving down the road at night in Halifax," Spicer explained. "The moon was bright and I watched it as it danced, interrupted by trees, like a strobe light or a stop-motion film. It followed us as we drove and I couldn't figure out how it was doing that. Nothing else I could see out the window kept up. Why is the moon not moving? I hadn't thought of that for a very long time, but somehow the song brought me back to that place."

Watch the resulting "Love That Boy" video below.

The Jungle arrives on October 23 via Secret City Records. The album is the fifth from Plants and Animals and their first since 2016's Waltzed in from the Rumbling.

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