Pernice Brothers Get Neko Case for Lead Single from New Album 'Who Will You Believe'

Hear the Case duet "I Don't Need That Anymore"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 21, 2024

Pernice Brothers have teamed up with honourary Canadian Neko Case on "I Don't Need That Anymore," the lead single from their new album.

Produced by Joe Pernice, Who Will You Believe arrives April 5 via New West Records. It follows 2019's Spread the Feeling, which marked their first new record since 2010's Goodbye, Killer.

In addition to the duet with Case, the LP features contributions from longtime bandmates Bob Pernice, Patrick Berkery, Laura Stein, Liam Jaeger, Michael McKenzie and Joshua Karp, as well as the Toronto-based choral group Choir! Choir! Choir!.

“It’s an homage to some friends and family I lost, but it’s also about the dread of potentially losing intangible things that I thought would always be there,” Joe explained in a statement, reflecting on the period in 2019 when he was left reeling from the deaths of two friends and a close family member.

“‘I Don’t Need That Anymore’ is one of the rare songs of mine that started with a lyric hook instead of a melody," he added of the single. "My wife and my mother were looking at the latter’s 66-year-old wedding album. My wife said to my mother, ‘Wow! You had some figure.’ Not skipping a beat, my mother said, ‘I had it when I needed it.’ I immediately sent myself a text that read, ‘I’m glad I had it when I needed it. But baby, I don’t need that anymore.’”

The singer-songwriter continued, “I was excited that Neko was into singing with me. No one needs me to tell of her singular voice. And being in the live room while she recorded her part legit gave me goosebumps. And she’s a really great person, which is always a plus.” 

"You were neon trouble / All wreck and rubble," he warbles on the stately, humming track. Listen to "I Don't Need That Anymore" below, where you'll also find the album tracklist and Joe's spring tour itinerary.

Who Will You Believe:

1. Who Will You Believe
2. Look Alive
3. Not This Pig
4. What We Had
5. December in Her Eyes
6. A Song for Sir Robert Helpmann
7. Hey, Guitar
8. A Man of Means
9. I Don't Need That Anymore (feat. Neko Case)
10. Ordinary Goldmine
11. How Will We Sleep
12. The Purple Rain

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Pernice Brothers 2024 Tour Dates:

03/14 Toronto, ON - Brockton Cyclery
04/03 New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
04/06 Boston, MA - Living Room Concert

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