P!nk Kicks Anti-Circumcision Activist Out of Her Concert

"You spent all this money to come here and do that?"

Photo: Joseph Starkey

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Sep 26, 2023

You'd think the acrobatics would be the biggest standout at a P!nk concert, but her current tour has attracted some strange situations. The latest of which was an audience member who will never get down with circumcision.

You read that right! A man holding up a message on his phone that read "circumcision: cruel and harmful" was personally kicked out of P!nk's San Antonio, TX, show by the singer herself. The altercation was captured on video, with her telling the activist directly, "Oh, you're making a whole point right now, aren't you? Do you feel good about yourself?"

She then pointed out how much money he had to have spent to share his message, as he was right near the front of the stage: "You spent all this money to come here and do that? Come on dude, I could buy a Birkin bag with ticket money. Get that shit out of here."

Still, the foreskin fanatic needed the audience to know his message: "He wants all of you to read it," P!nk continued. "He came here tonight to talk about circumcision. Get it out, get that cancer out, man."

This immensely weird protester likely decided to troll P!nk because of a photo she posted of her son back in 2019. People in the Instagram comments began to speculate whether or not he was circumcised, and she fired back about how "fucking disgusting" it is that some people care that much about a child's genitals. Can't fight her there!

Perhaps we should introduce the concert protester to anti-circumcision activist Ron Low from that episode of How To with John Wilson so that he too can combine his love for music with foreskin restoration.
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