Listen to Kurt Vile and His Daughters Cover Charli XCX's "Constant Repeat"

BY Kaelen BellPublished May 18, 2023

Last year, Kurt Vile revealed himself to be a major fan of Charli XCX (taste!), calling CRASH his No. 1 album he can't live without in a feature for Spin and talking her up in a bunch of interviews. 

Now, Vile has demonstrated his fandom with a lovely, shambling cover of CRASH's "Constant Repeat" that he recorded with his daughters Awilda and Delphine. Apparently, the trio became overnight Angels after Vile discovered Charli's music during a stop at Rough Trade East London last year — he listened to CRASH on a Discman the whole journey home, introduced her music to his daughters, and the rest is history.  

The cover was recorded to celebrate Charli receiving the Ivor Novello Awards' 2023 Visionary Award. Unfortunately, it's also an Amazon exclusive, but it's still very much worth your time if you can find a way to listen to it.

Vile explained the whole situation in a statement that accompanies the song, and you can read that below:

I became an overnight fan of Charli XCX a lil over a year ago (on the release date of my last album April 2022). I played an in-store at Rough Trade East London and her poster covered the entire front door. I flew home the next morning listening to my newly acquired CRASH cd over and over again (through a discman, naturally!)

…I turned my daughters on as soon as I got home and yeah we've been super fans ever since. No disrespect (and total respect!) to the Angels who've been Charli fans since the beginning… but that said me and my daughters Awilda (13) and Delphine (10) know most of her catalog by heart at this point (on constant repeat!) and that's just a testament to how amazing and infectious (and beautiful!) her songs are.

When I was asked to record a Charli XCX song in honor of her Ivors Visionary Award (!!!) my brain kept going back to "Constant Repeat" which hit me hardest first (back then on that flight), it's such a killer… while knowing it'd be no easy feat and I was nervous but hey…

I definitely couldn't've done this song any justice alone so that's why my girls sang their hearts out with me, so… I had to slow my version down a lil, maybe forget a chord or two, play some mellow acoustic gtr (and shoegaze electrics!) and keep it chill in my wheelhouse.

There's only one Charli and I can't touch her version, we can only try and pay homage… I'm relieved it sounds different than the original… tho my daughters got her melody down pretty great, gotta say, and yeah Charli is just our favest.

Vile's last album was 2022's (watch my moves). Charli released CRASH that same year. Listen to Vile and family's cover, plus Charli's original, below. 

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