OMBIIGIZI Are "Connecting" New Track to Sophomore Album

'Shame' is coming later this year

Photo: Natasha Roberts

BY Lara Isabelle FajardoPublished May 28, 2024

OMBIIGIZI — the project of Daniel Monkman of Zoon and Status/Non-Status's Adam Sturgeon — are gearing up for the release of their new album Shame. To give us a taste, today, they released the previously teased single "Connecting" via Arts & Crafts.

Described in a press release as "an exultant anthem awash in searing guitars and jangling rhythm," "Connecting" is an explosive and captivating exploration of Indigenous identity, with a bridge that builds with a feeling of desperation within harmonious chaos. According to OMBIIGIZI, this new track "explores the idea that we've not always been given a choice in how to define ourselves. Is it the Indian Act, our identities, our family or the company we keep."

Accompanying the single is a trippy animated music video directed by Joseph Howard. Watch it below.

OMBIIGIZI's first album Sewn Back Together was released in 2022. They shared via Instagram that Shame will arrive later this year. 


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