NXNE Unveils Full 2023 Lineup with Sunglaciers, MBG, Edwin Raphael, Nutrients

Emma Beko, Ché Aimee Dorval, blesse, Lenny Bull, Anna Katarina, Odreii, boy wonder and many more are among the new additions

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 7, 2023

After announcing its initial lineup back in February, NXNE has unveiled the full slate of 300 emerging artists set to perform at the Toronto event from June 13 to 17.

The lineup now includes Sunglaciers, blesse, Edwin Raphael, NutrientsEmma Beko, Ché Aimee Dorval, MBG, Lenny Bull, Anna Katarina, Odreii, boy wonder, Good Dear Good and many, many more. They join the likes of previously announced performers CharmaineFionnthe GarrysHousewife, Pony GirlRip Pop MutantShawnee KishVISSIA and, again, many others.

"We are extremely fortunate to be able to program the top 300 acts from the thousands of applications we have received from around the world to give NXNE fans a week of the best-of-the-best in new music," NXNE founder Michael Hollett said in a press release. "We've got top talent in all major genres, I encourage people to try something totally new in addition to seeking out future stars in their favourite style of music."

Full festival passes are on sale now for just $25 plus applicable fees and taxes, while single admission tickets are $15 each.

Check out the lineup details below, and visit the NXNE website for performance schedules. 

36? (Calgary, AB)
Aiza (Toronto, ON)
Alessia Cohle (Toronto, ON)
Allegra Jordyn (Thornhill, ON)
Amanda Kind (Waterloo, ON)
Anna Katarina (Nelson, BC)
ANNIKA (Calgary, AB)
AntiSocial Surf Club (Kitchener, ON)
Ariana Fig (Hamilton, ON)
Ariel View (Ontario, CA)
ashlye (Brampton, ON)
Beyond The Sun (Toronto, ON)
Black Budget (Toronto, ON)
Black Note Graffiti (Ann Arbor, MI)
Bleako's Nuclear Disco (Coquitlam, BC)
blesse (Montreal, QC)
Bloody Monroe (Toronto, ON)
Borito (Tel Aviv, Israel)
boy wonder (Toronto, ON)
Branjae (Tulsa, OK)
Brass (Vancouver, BC)
Bree Taylor (Mississauga, ON)
Brooklyn Doran (Peterborough, ON)
Buddie (Vancouver, BC)
Buffalo Bill (Toronto, ON)
Bukola (Coquitlam, BC)
Cameron Bethany (Memphis, TN)
Captain WildChild (Hamilton, ON)
Carol Marie (Toronto, ON)
Cash Crawford (Nashville, TN)
Celeigh Cardinal (Edmonton, AB)
Chad Warrix (Nashville, TN)
Charmaine (Toronto, ON)
Ché Aimee Dorval (Vancouver, BC)
Chinese Medicine (Toronto, ON)
Chris Pierce (Savannah, GA)
Cindë (Toronto, ON)
Cinzia & The Eclipse (Montreal, QC)
Clay Orange (Vancouver, BC)
Cliff Cardinal & The Sky-Larks (Toronto, ON)
Cody Basha (Toronto, ON)
Cold Weather Captains (Toronto, ON)
Colt Prather (Nashville, TN)
Courtney Wolfe (Kitchener, ON)
Cudbear (Barrie, ON)
Cynthia Hamar (Edmonton, AB)
Dali Van Gogh (Halifax, NS)
Damien Horne (Nashville, TN)
Damnnit Goldie (Hamilton, ON)
Daniel Blake (Los Angeles, CA)
Daniel James McFadyen & Barncat (Port Williams, NS)
Danny Toeman (London, United Kingdom)
David Tolliver (Nashville, TN)
Daz Rinko (Memphis, TN)
Dead Broke (Toronto, ON)
Dead Levee (Regina, SK)
DESIIRE (Toronto, ON)
Diamond Weapon (Toronto ON)
Dilettante (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Divine Lightbody (Toronto, ON)
Divine Sweater (Boston, MA)
DJ Skratch Bastid (Bedford, NS)
DMBK (Tampa, FL)
dope.gng (Montreal, QC)
Doressa (Ottawa, ON)
Dump Babes (Saskatoon, SK)
Durreyl (Brampton, ON)
Dylan Altman (Nashville, TN)
Edwin Raphael (Montreal, QC)
Eleanor (Toronto, ON)
Electric Religious (Edmonton, AB)
Electrokat (Toronto, ON)
ELLES (Toronto, ON)
Ellis in Transit (Hamilton, ON)
Emily Kate (Toronto, ON)
Emma Beko (Montreal, QC)
Emmett Hodgins (Victoria, BC)
Emmett Morris (Barrie, ON)
Equal (Oshawa, ON)
Eric Arjes (Little Tennessee)
Eunice Keitan (Toronto, ON)
Fake Dad (Brooklyn, NY)
Family Man (Montreal, QC)
Feral Minks (Kitchener, ON)
Fionn (Vancouver, BC)
FKB (Edmonton, AB)
Flamél (El Paso, TX)
FLWR GRL (St. Catharines, ON)
Foolproof (Niagara Falls, ON)
Fraud Perry (Montreal, QC)
Full Deck (Toronto, ON)
FXRRVST (Toronto, ON)
Garret Neiles (Winnipeg, MB)
Geneva Lei (Mississauga, ON)
Good Dear Good (Halifax, NS)
Goodnight Sunrise (Toronto, ON)
Grace Leer (Nashville, TN)
GROWERS (Toronto, ON)
Gunner & Smith (Saskatoon, SK)
Half Tangerine (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Halfway to Hazard (Nashville, TN)
Harmony on Mars (Toronto, ON)
Harper Grace (Nashville, TN)
Haters (Brisbane, Australia)
High Flyers (Toronto, ON)
His His (Toronto, ON)
Hollow Graves (Toronto, ON)
Holly Clausius (Toronto, ON)
HORMOANS (Toronto, ON)
Hot Fudge Sundae (Guelph, ON)
Housewife (Toronto, ON)
Hundo (Mississauga, ON)
Hyaenas (Vancouver, BC)
Ian James Bain (Guelph, ON)
Ila Barker (Winnipeg, MB)
In Search of Sasquatch (Calgary, AB)
J. Hutton (Claremont, ON)
Jake Hoot (Nashville, TN)
Jared Daniel (Calgary, AB)
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind (Ottawa, ON)
Jessica Sevier (Toronto, ON)
Jessie Gosling (Barrie, ON)
Jessie T (Kitchener, ON)
Jimmy Robbins (Nashville, TN)
Joey O'Neil (Dawson City, YT)
Jordan Occasionally (Memphis, TN)
Junko Daydream (London, ON)
Justine Tyrell (Calgary, AB)
K.U.$.H (Kids Under $pecial Herbs) (Eskasoni & Waycobah First Nations, NS)
Kaeyae Alo (Calgary, AB)
Kasador (Kingston, ON)
Kate Yahn (Vancouver, BC)
Kevin Fernando (Toronto, ON)
Keziaa (Brampton, ON)
King Calaway (Nashville, TN)
King of Foxes (Edmonton, AB)
Kings of our Kin (Toronto, ON)
KT Laine (Montreal, QC)
KYLO (Toronto, ON)
Lemon Pistols (Maple, ON)
Lenny Bull (Toronto, ON)
LILIEAE (Cleveland, OH)
Living Room for Small (Kitchener/Waterloo, ON)
Lizzy Hardingham (St. Albans, United Kingdom)
Love Language (Montreal, QC)
Lucid Smog Disorder (Toronto, ON)
Luis Anselmi & Gratitud Band (Toronto, ON)
Lunchmeat (Toronto, ON)
Luxe (Toronto, ON)
Lynn (Taipei City, Taiwan)
Maddee (Toronto, ON)
Maddisun (Cranbrook, BC)
Maky Lavender (Montreal, QC)
Mark and The Tiger (Pasadena, CA)
Marriott (Ajax, ON)
Marshall Veroni (Hamilton, ON)
Matt Fasullo (Toronto, ON)
Matt Storm (Vancouver, BC)
Mattie Leon (Hamilton, ON)
Maya Malkin (Toronto, ON)
MBG (Toronto, ON)
Mikey Jose (Vancouver, BC)
Mindy Sins (Mississauga, ON)
Missy D (Vancouver, BC)
Mom Rock (Surrey, BC)
monarch. (Brooklyn, NY)
MonoNeon (Memphis, TN)
Moondoggy (Toronto, ON)
Moonriivr (Toronto, ON)
Mordechai Mendoza (Toronto, ON)
Moving City (Vancouver, BC)
My Son The Doctor (Brooklyn, NY)
Napoleon (Toronto, ON)
Nattra (Newmarket, ON)
Nature TV (Brighton/London, United Kingdom)
Nederveen (Bristol, United Kingdom)
Neela (Toronto, ON)
Neighbour Andy (Winnipeg, MB)
Neon Bloom (Toronto, ON)
NERiMA (Oshawa, ON)
New Friends (London, ON)
Nickola Magnolia (Port Hope, ON)
Nicole Ariana (Halifax, NS)
Noah Derksen (Winnipeg, MB)
Norby (London, ON)
Nutrients (Toronto, ON)
Odreii (Montreal, QC)
Osyron (Calgary, AB)
Paige Rutledge (Oakville, ON)
Päter (Toronto, ON)
Patrik Kabongo (Toronto, ON)
Perfect Strangers (Brampton, ON)
Pillow Fite (Halifax, NS)
Platinum Moon (New York, NY)
Pony Girl (Ottawa/Hull, ON)
Present Company (Minneapolis, MN)
Pryor Baird (Nashville, TN)
QEMIST (Memphis, TN)
Queens & Kings (Toronto, ON)
Radium Moon (Montreal, QC)
Rahael (Vancouver, BC)
RAXX (Toronto, ON)
Rip Pop Mutant (Montreal, ON)
Ryan Langdon (Niagara, ON)
Sadé Awele (Vancouver, BC)
Salome Katrin (Reykjavík, Iceland / Stockholm, Sweden)
Sam Drysdale (Toronto, ON)
Savannah Taylor (Brampton, ON)
Schedule 1 (Vancouver, BC)
Shah Frank (Montreal, QC)
Shann Aberdeen (Scarborough, ON)
SHEBAD (Guelph, ON)
Shiv and The Carvers (Toronto, ON)
Sika Deva (Paris, France)
Skip Waiters (Brampton, ON)
Sleep Outside (Cardiff, Wales)
Slightest Clue (Vancouver, BC)
Smack Jive (Kitchener, ON)
Sorry, Peach (Spartanburg, SC)
Space Queen (Vancouver, BC)
St. Arnaud (Edmonton, AB)
Stephen Babcock (New York)
Sunglaciers (Calgary, AB)
Sunny Dee & The Flower Pedals (Toronto, ON)
Sunset Arcade (Toronto, ON)
Sunshine Makers (London, ON)
Tana (London, United Kingdom)
TANGELA (Memphis, TN)
Tasha Mac (Brampton, ON)
Tay Jireh (Toronto, ON)
TAYLR (Calgary, AB)
Techno Westerns (Toronto, ON)
Tessa B (Paris, France)
The Band Ice Cream (Toronto, ON)
The Boneheads (Mississauga, ON)
The Codas (Kingston, ON)
The Flamingos Pink (Vancouver, BC)
The Garrys (Saskatoon, SK)
The Get Alongs (Toronto, ON)
The High Loves (Toronto, ON)
The Holy Gamblers (Toronto, ON)
The Lookout Service (Toronto, ON)
The Meringues (Kingston, ON)
The Motive (London, UK)
The Pacifiers (Toronto, ON)
The Pairs (London, ON)
The People Versus (Oxford, United Kingdom)
The Q-Tip Bandits (Boston, MA)
The Sarandons (Toronto, ON)
The Thick (Toronto, ON)
Tiger Balme (Toronto, ON)
Tommy Prine (Nashville, TN)
Trudy (Montreal, ON)
TRUSS (Cleveland, OH)
Ty Wilson (Peterborough, ON)
Velvet Rouge (Philadelphia, PA)
Victory (Toronto, ON)
Vikki Minor (Toronto, ON)
Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys (Boston, MA)
Wave Montega (Malton, ON)
We Demand Parachutes (Boston, MA)
Willy Nilly (Kingston, ON)
Wonderstate (Minneapolis, MN)
YASSiN & Sean Terrio (Oakville, ON)
Yellow Magnolia (Aurora, ON)
Zee (Toronto, ON)
ZELA (Newcastle, United Kingdom)
ZENON (Calgary, AB)
Zeroscape (Toronto, ON)

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