The Nursery "She Speaks the Wave" (video)

The Nursery 'She Speaks the Wave' (video)
Toronto-based outfit the Nursery have a knack for blurring the lines between post-punk, electro-pop and psychedelic rock, and Exclaim! is pleased to premiere their latest offering  — a new video for "She Speaks the Wave."
The group released their Carnival Nature EP back in 2013, but are gearing for a full-length debut later this year. "She Speaks the Wave" serves as the first single, and it's an energetic, synth-infused indie rocker.
The clip itself is a goopy one, with the band members taking turns getting doused in slime, but still managing to look stylish. The messier bits are interspersed with shots of sculptures (courtesy of Gosia), twins (with birthday cake), wilting flowers, clocks and burning dollhouses. It was directed by Toronto photographic artist Genevieve Blais.
A statement from the band explains, "The video for 'She Speaks the Wave' uses a unique combination of stop-motion, time-lapse and live-action to explore notions of temporarily and ephemerality. Images of degradation and destruction are juxtaposed with rebirth and reconstruction in tranquil colour palettes to create the uncanny aesthetic that challenges perceptions of time and time-based mediums. These disparate sequences fluidly merge into one another, exposing a liquid narrative that echoes both the musical and lyrical content."
Watch the video premeire of "She Speaks the Wave" below.