Noah Kahan Wants the Oilers to Win the Stanley Cup

"Stick Season" has a whole new meaning

Photo: Aysia Marotta

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 10, 2024

There's something somewhat Canada-coded about being from Vermont, and Noah Kahan has strengthened this theory by rooting for the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup final.

Now that he's back on Twitter X to talk about his asshole and stuff, the musician responded to a fan asking him if he prefers the Oilers or the Florida Panthers. "Oilers," he replied on Saturday (June 8).

Though Kahan met Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl earlier this year, it doesn't seem that the Oilers are his favourite team. He was pictured in a Minnesota Wild jersey yesterday (June 9) after playing in St. Paul, MN. He recently tweeted, "I love professional hockey and its many players," so maybe he just likes to pay his respects as he tours.

The Panthers currently lead the Stanley Cup final 1–0, with Game 2 set to happen tonight (June 10). 

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