Nicholas Krgovich Releases New 'Who Cares?' LP

Nicholas Krgovich Releases New 'Who Cares?' LP
Having released music with projects like No Kids, P:ano and Gigi, Vancouver pop maestro Nicholas Krgovich is now going by his own name for a new solo album. Dubbed Who Cares?, the album arrives tomorrow (November 19) through Jason Zumpano's Jaz Records.

Krgovich self-produced the 10-song LP. That's the album cover above and the tracklist below. Unlike the electronic soul sound of last year's Real Life covers collection, Who Cares? consists ultra-sparse acoustic tracks with just a few atmospheric overdubs. One of the Bandcamp tags is "mellow," which is definitely an apt description.

The songs were apparently composed in the winter while Krgovich was house-sitting for his aunt. An announcement reads, "Who Cares? is a small, short record. Perhaps even a personal one. It's a collection of truly bummed-out and lonely-sounding songs, but they're fashioned in such a quiet, composed and lovely way that they paradoxically end up being quite hopeful and tender. Laughter-through-the-tears in album form. Singing in a low, warm tenor and playing a guitar for the first time in ages, Krgovich presents a series of songs that are so spare and direct, they play out less like songs and more like little life events."

The announcement also hints at another to-be-released album, "a long-finished, four-years-in-the-making magnum opus, a widescreen paean to Los Angeles, written before he was living there in a small house in South Pasadena."

While the album doesn't officially come out until tomorrow, it's already available to purchase from Bandcamp and can be streamed in full below.

UPDATE: A music video for the title track is also available below.

Who Cares?:

1. Who Cares?
2. The Loser
3. A Trip to Town
4. Baby Blue Tutu
5. Party With Lewis
6. Simple Signs
7. People
8. The Golden Nugget
9. My Song
10. A Reverie