Mysterious Songwriter Lewis Found

Mysterious Songwriter Lewis Found
In recent months, an elusive Canadian songwriter named Lewis has enthralled the music world after a couple of his albums were discovered by crate diggers and reissued on Light in the Attic. Almost nothing was known about the man behind the tunes, but now Lewis has been found.

As was rumoured, the man's name is Randall Wulff (known to his friends as Randy). A blog post from Light in the Attic explains that, last week, one of the singer's old friends got in touch and said that Wulff was alive and well in Canada. The label founders hopped on a plane and, after 48 hours of hunting, spotted him drinking a coffee outside of a neighbourhood cafe.

It's not clear what city or town he was in, and the new photo of him (above) has had the background blurred so as to keep his location a secret. As you can see from the photo, he's a lot older, but still has that classic Hollywood look.

According to the label's account, "Randy had no idea about the recent interest in his old records and didn't seem to care in the slightest. We had a check for him but he wasn't interested. We brought him CDs and LPs of L'Amour. He took a look, impressed ('nice'), and smiled, recalling a number of positive stories from back in the day. Then handed back the CD, saying it was for us and kindly declined keeping it. Randy simply wanted to look forward with both his life and music and had no interest in any celebrity or financial gain having to do with the albums."

He's still making music — material that he's apparently been working on for 40 or 50 years — but evidently won't be revisiting his past. He wished Light in the Attic well in its reissue campaign (and even signed a couple of CDs), but the label has decided not to repress any more copies of his albums L'Amour or Romantic Times without his involvement. The royalties will continue to be saved should he ever want them.

Since his name apparently really is Randall Wulff, we're assuming those stories about him paying for a photo session with a bounced cheque are true.

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