My Morning Jacket Share More New Album Details, Reveal Title

My Morning Jacket Share More New Album Details, Reveal Title
We've been hearing rumblings of the next My Morning Jacket album for some time now, as frontman Jim James has been talking about writing new material since late 2009. Now, the record is finally done, and it has a title: Circuital.

The band recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the new disc, which is due out this spring. They explained that the collection will be shorter and more focused than 2008's eclectic Evil Urges, which was a hodgepodge of bizarre stylistic experiments. James said, "We want people to have almost the exact opposite experience they had last time. I definitely had some goals of wanting to make this one warmer and somehow more contained and more concise of a statement."

Still, don't expect the record to be a return to the classic rock stylings of the group's early albums. Rolling Stone says that the album contains "trippy keyboards, twisted pop hooks and fuzzed-out guitar attacks," and features a funky song called "Holdin' on to Black Metal" that has wah-wah-ed horns. The title track is also apparently a seven-minute, drum-machine-assisted epic.

As previously reported, the album was recorded in a church in the band's native Kentucky. The tracks were mostly cut live, with the musicians set up in a circle -- hence the title. Vocals, horns and strings were added later.

There's no word on when the first single will drop, but if the record is coming out this spring, we can expect concrete details to emerge soon.