Murray Lightburn "A Thousand Light Years" (Sebastien Grainger remix) / (video tailer)

Murray Lightburn 'A Thousand Light Years' (Sebastien Grainger remix) / (video tailer)
Dears main man Murray A. Lightburn went solo for last year's MASS:LIGHT electro-pop opera, and now that collection's "A Thousand Light Years" is getting its own remix and music video.

The remix comes courtesy of Death from Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger, who adds dash of flickering fuzzy weirdness to the urgent synth-pop cut. Check it out below.

That same song is getting its own music video. This will be rolled out via unique screening's on Lightburn's website. The video will be available on five separate occasions this coming Sunday (February 9), when it will stream live on two-hour intervals starting at 3 p.m. EST (the times are: 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00). Fans can make a calendar at Lightburn's site to remind themselves of when the video will be screened.

According to a press release, the video has a '70s sci-fi aesthetic and was made on analog film by the songwriter himself. Lightburn said in a statement about the video, "From the beginning, I imagined this project in a visual way. I imagined a character who may or may not be dead, who may or may not be on a journey to hell. I call him 'The Ruiner' and though I am no actor, this is the role I am playing. To the audience it should appear a bit abstract."

Watch a short teaser for the video below, and check out the video next Sunday right here.