​Montreal's Emi Jeen Releases Debut Single "State of Grace"

​Montreal's Emi Jeen Releases Debut Single 'State of Grace'
Montreal-based singer-songwriter Emi Jeen got her start taking opera lessons and performing in girl group A.K.A., but she's finally set to show off her own individual sound with her debut single "State of Grace."
The track was produced by Pierre-Luc Cérat of Bran Van 3000 and mixed by Jimmy Douglas, and will appear on an EP that is due out later this year through Luby Records.
"State of Grace" features a dreamy blend of electronic-tinged melancholic verses and a dramatic but poppy chorus.
"I've been hiding for years, but now I can finally see the light getting brighter," Jeen said in a statement. "We're all trying to find happiness that is stuck inside of us and scared of how the society will react if we share our truth. It feels like what I've been envisioning since I was a little girl is coming all together."
Listen to her musical dream come true by streaming "State of Grace" below.