Moby "The Perfect Life" (ft. Wayne Coyne) (video)

Moby 'The Perfect Life' (ft. Wayne Coyne) (video)
On October 1, Moby will release his new album Innocents via Arts & Crafts/Little Idiot. We've seen his video for the Cold Specks-assisted "A Case for Shame," and now we get one for the Wayne Coyne collaboration "The Perfect Life."

The gospel-tinged track features Moby and Coyne walking around in mariachi costumes. As it continues, they meet up with kings, cowboys, goths, topless dancers, underwear clad rollerskaters and people in ghost sheets. It's almost as if it was directed by Bill Hader's SNL character Stefan.

Check out the ludicrously fun video for "The Perfect Life" below courtesy of Rolling Stone.