MNISOTA Premiere 'Memory Is Muddy Vol 1'

Listen to the Toronto collective's debut LP in its entirety
MNISOTA Premiere 'Memory Is Muddy Vol 1'
Toronto-based electronic collective MNISOTA are getting ready for their debut full-length album. Today, you can listen to Memory Is Muddy Vol 1 ahead of its official release on Friday (February 21).

Damien Smith, Dave Guenette, Josh Hansen and Fayola Leach (a.k.a. NON) have come together again as MNISOTA to release their follow-up effort to their 2017 debut EP S/T. Their new record Memory Is Muddy Vol 1 is billed as a "changing of the guard without the war."

According to a press release, Memory Is Muddy Vol 1 is "a world soundtrack that transcends time, location and genre. Layers of past, present and future are captured in sound evoking human vulnerability, metropolitan anxiety and organic vastness. A myriad of unlike vibrations finding common ground and existing in a familiar, but alien world."

Production credits on Memory Is Muddy go to NON and David Ariza, as well as additional credits to Studio Monk, No-Mad Boy, SELI, Agent Smith and B Jazz. That's the Sammy Passion-created album art above.

Memory Is Muddy Vol 1 arrives in full tomorrow via Pirates Blend. But right now, you can listen to the record in its entirety below.