​Mitski Wants Her Fans to Stop Internet-Yelling About Mac DeMarco

​Mitski Wants Her Fans to Stop Internet-Yelling About Mac DeMarco
Photo: Jennifer Hyc
Mac DeMarco announced his upcoming album Here Comes the Cowboy yesterday (March 5) with lead single "Nobody," instantly drawing comparisons to Mitski's 2018 album title Be the Cowboy (which also featured a single called "Nobody").
Mitski's fans took to Twitter to defend her honour, despite the artist's protestations that she found the whole thing amusing.
Now Mitski herself has had to return to the time-sucking hole that is Twitter to remind her fans to stand down and pick better battles to fight.
Yesterday, she joked that she was "honoured to serve as minor clickbait profit generator + light distraction from the hellish real world," but encouraged herself and others to get off of Twitter.
Today, she returned once again, this time armed with a metaphor about an angry mob and burgers and noodles — and basically told people to drop the Mac DeMarco thing and leave everyone involved alone.
She thanked her fans for their devotion and their appreciation for her music, but didn't seem too thrilled about people fighting a battle she doesn't care about on her behalf. Read her full allegory below.