Abject Bodies

BY Mark TremblayPublished Feb 20, 2019

Windsor, ON hardcore sludge heroes Minors have quickly followed up their acclaimed debut with Abject Bodies. Instead of following the formula they created on Atrophy, Minors have opted for a more dissonant plodding sound that has separates them from their contemporaries. Abject Bodies leans more into bands like Primitive Man rather than Cursed, making it a sophisticated and rewarding hardcore album.
The album opens fast and frenetic with "Consumed" and "Meanderist," a riff cornucopia that flies all over the place. Abject Bodies, however, never sits on one idea for too long. The album segues into the droning movements of "Flesh Prison" and the sonic dirge of "Erode" that can be sonically jarring for purveyors of hardcore music. Despite what changes occur in style, the riffs from guitarist Nick Kinnish always deliver. From the riff marathon on "Boneyard" to "Garden of Dismalism," the riffs are monstrous and tie the rest of the band together.
Abject Bodies might be a tough for some listeners to take in on first listen, but it's a very essential album that shows another side to Minors and what the future holds for them.
(Holy Roar)

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