Miguel Shares 'Wildheart' Tracklist

Miguel Shares 'Wildheart' Tracklist
Sexed-up R&B king Miguel will soon follow his breakthrough LP Kaleidoscope Dream with the long-awaited Wildheart LP. We've seen its cosmically erotic cover art, and now the album has a confirmed tracklisting.

The previously unveiled "Coffee (Fucking)" track made the final cut, along with 12 other new compositions from the crooner.

Guests on the album include Kurupt and fellow shirtless sex king Lenny Kravitz.

As previously reported, Wildheart arrives on June 30 through RCA.


1. A Beautiful Exit
2. Exit
3. The Valley
4. Coffee
5. NWA (ft. Kurupt)
6. Waves
7. Whats Normal Anyway
8. Hollywood Dreams
9. Destinado A Morir
10. …goingtohell
11. Flesh
12. Leaves
13. Face The Sun (ft. Lenny Kravitz)