The Melvins "Captain Comedown"

The Melvins 'Captain Comedown'
As if it weren't cool enough that the Melvins are touring with Le Butcherettes this summer, the classic sludge-slingers are also teaming up with the younger band for a split release to be sold on the trip. One of the Melvins cuts is called "Captain Comedown," and it's streaming online right now.

The Melvins first serve up a doomy, slime-dripping six-string riff and heavy-handed drum pummelling. King Buzzo and co. also manage to kick things up a notch, with a double-time passage landing equally murky, as if a pair of 4x4 truck tires were furiously spinning mud all over the arrangement.

"Captain Comedown" can be streamed down below, while split can be picked up as a CD or on 10-inch vinyl come June. The tour includes club stops in Toronto and London, as well as an appearance at Montebello, QC's Amnesia Rockfest. You can find our more about the date and venue details over here.