Mekons Release Surprise Album 'Exquisite'

It comes as part of Bandcamp's Juneteenth initiative
Mekons Release Surprise Album 'Exquisite'
Beloved cult rock unit Mekons have unleashed a surprise new album. Called Exquisite, the band have shared it on their Bandcamp in efforts to support the platform's Juneteenth fundraiser today.

In a statement, Mekons explained:

Locked down in various locations stretching from the West Coast of California to the East End of London, mekons sang and played into their cellphones, e-mailing, uploading and Whatsapping their wailings, beatings, scratchings and strummings across the globe through the billions of interconnected nodes of our networked panopticon.

Down below, you can check out Exquisite.

As previously reported, Bandcamp is donating 100 percent of proceeds from sales for a 24-hour period today to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in support of civil rights and racial justice.