Maya Hawke Extracts Saccharine New Single "Sweet Tooth"

The latest 'MOSS' preview was co-written by Christian Lee Hutson

BY Kayla HigginsPublished Aug 16, 2022

Open wide: our September 2022 cover star (and venerable ice cream-scooping lesbian Robin on Stranger ThingsMaya Hawke has shared something suitably sweet. New single "Sweet Tooth" is the latest preview of her upcoming sophomore LP, MOSS, which arrives alongside a quirky, tooth-filled music video.

Inspired by real-life wisdom tooth pain while filming the Netflix series' explosive fourth season, the song — recorded alongside Christian Lee Hutson — sees Hawke experience the sweetness of unconditional love coinciding with the bitterness of the unexpected stings that can inevitably result from a deep, emotional connection; feasibly exemplified by the mother-daughter relationship, with the opening line "Told my mother that I love her / and I'd lie to the accountant if she wants."

"'Sweet Tooth' was the last song written for MOSS," Hawke shared in a statement. "When we finished the first recording session, I felt this eruption of joy and I knew this feeling had to be on the record."

The Celine Sutter-directed music video explores themes of "sweetness, cavity, death, and joy," extracted from the tooth pain Hawke had days before the shoot. 

In a statement about the video, Sutter added: "'Sweet Tooth' is a trippy, playful video that embraces the dichotomy of its themes: a joyful and melancholic funeral, a fake dream world with real footage, care and loneliness, sweetness and pain."

While it's no forest orgy, it's still pretty delectable. Watch the video below.

Thankfully, aches and pains are no match for retribution: watch Hawke Do Revenge alongside Camila Mendes in the trailer for Netflix's latest dark comedy. 

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