Max Richter "Path 5" (Mogwai remix)

Max Richter 'Path 5' (Mogwai remix)
UK composer Max Richter has signed on to score the upcoming sci-fi flick Morgan, but it's not the only project he's got in the works. He recently released an eight-hour piece titled Sleep, intended to lull listeners into a full night's rest.
The recording will get re-released as a deluxe box set next month, which will feature a remixed rendition of "Path 5" courtesy of Scottish post-rock vets Mogwai.
It's a rather ominous sounding cut, featuring dramatic percussion and suspenseful synth runs, which might make for some scary dreams. It's probably best you fight the urge to fall asleep and give it a listen in the player below.
The deluxe edition of Sleep arrives on December 11.