Matrixxman "God Created the Beat" (ft. Mykki Blanco)

Matrixxman 'God Created the Beat' (ft. Mykki Blanco)
San Francisco producer Matrixxman has supplied experimental spitter Mykki Blanco with a few beats, most recently on "Feeling Special," and now the rapper's paying him back in kind with a few bars on "God Created the Beat."

The song thrives off a minimalist clank treading somewhere between early '90s house and skin-crawling industrial sessions, while Blanco sounds off on the creations of the Almighty. Following notables like Adam and Eve, Blanco's biblical list veers into body-moving territory, as it was apparently on the sixth day that God created the beat. Blanco also points out how some slithery snakes slink in the grass, while others live in your pants. Too true.

The "God Created the Beat" single arrives April 1 on Grizzly and will also be packaged with remixes from Charlie McCloud, Physical Therapy and JD Twitch.

You can check out the song over on FACT.