Matmos "Ultimate Care II Excerpt Five" (video)

Matmos 'Ultimate Care II Excerpt Five' (video)
What does is sound like when washing machine noises are turned into music? Listeners can now get a new taste of this, as experimental duo Matmos have shared a video for another excerpt from their washing machine album Ultimate Care II.

While the album plays out as a single 38-minute track, this six-minute piece is called "Excerpt Five." It takes the clanks, bonks and squeaks of the machine and assembles them into a clanking rhythms that at times recall hip-hop, tribal pulses and futuristic sci-fi. It all sounds very mechanical, and we're reminded about how the piece was created thanks to the accompanying music video, which is comprised of found footage of washing machines.

Watch the clip below. Ultimate Care II is due out on February 19 through Thrill Jockey.