Martyn Pays Tribute to the Spaceape by Reissuing Collaboration

Martyn Pays Tribute to the Spaceape by Reissuing Collaboration
Last fall, vocalist Stephen Samuel Gordon, best known as the Spaceape, sadly succumbed to cancer at the age of 44. Now, electronic producer Martyn is paying tribute to the late singer by reissuing the pair's collaboration via his 3024 label. It's due out on January 26.

The song in question is called "Is This Insanity?" and it comes from Martyn's 2009 album Great Lengths. It was written shortly after Gordon's daughter was born and deals with the emotions of caring for a new child.

"The tune got a massive boost in 2010 in the shape of Ben Klock's monumental remix of it," Martyn said in a statement. "That record has been out of stock for ages, so I put that on the B-side here for you. I treat this record as a memory but you're more than welcome to bang it out in the club of course!"

The announcement refers to Gordon as a "inimitable vocalist and great friend."

The record is part of the label's KJL series. It also includes an unreleased track called "Camberwell Green," although it doesn't seem that the Spaceape appears on this song. The release comes housed in a stamped sleeve, with the B-side done in black as a hat-tip to the Spaceape.

Is This Insanity?:

A1. Is This Insanity? (ft. the Spaceape)
A2. Camberwell Green
B1. Is This Insanity? (ft. the Spaceape) (Ben Klock Mix)