Martyn Explains the Increased "Character" and Collaborative Nature of 'The Air Between Words'

Martyn Explains the Increased 'Character' and Collaborative Nature of 'The Air Between Words'
Released just two weeks after The Forgiveness EP, Washington, DC-via-Eindhoven, Netherlands producer Martyn's third full-length, The Air Between Words, hits the street this week. Marking his first LP for Ninja Tune, Martyn's brand of old-school drum & bass seems tailor-made for the classic electronic record label, and he's well aware of the "'90s throwback" tag critics have often used to describe his music.

"It's the music I listened to when I started going out to clubs, so it has shaped my musical background significantly," Martyn explains to Exclaim! "I don't think anyone could claim my music sounds retro in the sense that it copies older music, but it clearly pays its dues in a modern, hopefully timeless, way."

Recorded at his home studio, The Air Between Words is his most organic and adventurous work to date — something Martyn attributes to the use of cheap, lo-fi equipment. "I think gives it a bit more 'character.' I've been collecting a lot of simple, lo-fi type gear, pedals for effects, small synths..."

In addition to the use new gear, The Air Between Words also features a pair of guests — Four Tet on "Glassbeadgames" and copeland copeland (a.k.a. Inga Copeland, formally of Hype Williams) on "Love of Pleasure" — a first for Martyn.

"I was never that fond of collaborating. Maybe it was insecurity — you don't want to give away all your secrets. But I have learned over the last few years that collaborating actually makes you better and also more aware of your abilities and others.'"

Check out the Martyn performing "Glassbeadgames" at the BBC below.

Tour dates:

07/02 Tisno, Croatia - The Garden Festival
07/19 Ibiza, Spain - Space
08/01 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Dekmantel Festival
08/02 Glasgow, Scotland - The Art School
08/09 New York, NY - MoMA PS1