Marianas Trench Go Glam Rock on Comeback Track "A Normal Life"

Teased extensively on Josh Ramsay's TikTok

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 29, 2024

It's shaping up to be the year of late 2000s Canadian band comebacks, and Marianas Trench has just thrown their hat in the ring. Following a slew of teases by avid TikTokker Josh Ramsay, the band released their latest single "A Normal Life" on Friday (April 26).

The track is a nearly seven-minute-long rock opera, with the band trading in their resident emo sound for something that sounds like an outtake from a later Muse album. Listen below, if that's your sort of thing.

"A Normal Life" is Marianas Trench's first studio release since 2019's Phantoms. They follow in the footsteps of past chums Down with Webster in deciding 2024 is the year we're all collectively ready for them again. 

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