Down with Webster Are About to Be So Back

It's gonna be a Rich Girl$ summer

Photo via @downwithwebster on Instagram

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 3, 2024

Oh, would you look at the time — it's time to win! Throw that 2024 bingo card out the window completely, because this year is absolutely lawless in its surprise returns. The latest chills-inducing one is Down with Webster, the Toronto rap-rock collective who owned airwaves and gang signs across the nation for a very specific era of the early 2010s.

While some may have mistaken it for a (perhaps slightly belated) April Fools' joke, the band — who last released an album in 2021 with the surprise drop of V, which they had recorded back in 2015 —  have announced that they're heading back out on tour this summer after almost a decade off the road.

UPDATE (4/3, 3:16 p.m. ET): The first of Down with Webster's reunion shows has been announced. The group will perform at Winnipeg's Super Spike festival-slash-volleyball tournament on July 20. Thanks Sam M. for the tip! (That's a volleyball joke.)

"Time to re-live the best times, time to absolutely rage, time to win," they wrote, adding that the tour dates would be announced soon. Based on the accounts tagged in the post, it seems as though the lineup of singer-guitarist Pat Gillet, drummer Marty Martino, bassist-keyboardist Tyler Armes, and rappers Bucky Buck and Camm Hunter will be reuniting.

Last year, Armes went to trial for his copyright case against Post Malone, seeking a co-writing credit on the hit "Circles." See DWW's post below, and stay tuned for those tour dates.

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