Machinedrum Talks the "New Approach" Behind 'Vapor City'

Machinedrum Talks the 'New Approach' Behind 'Vapor City'
In the two years since producer Machinedrum (a.k.a. Travis Stewart) released his last full-length, Room(s), the North Carolina-bred workhorse recorded collaborative albums with Praveen Sharma (Sepalcure) and Jimmy Edgar (JETS) while putting out a trio of solo EPs, but according to Stewart, his latest LP under the Machinedrum name, Vapor City, was done a little differently.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Stewart describes the 10-track Vapor City as "a more refined version of a new approach. [I] was trying to avoid over-thinking my productions and focused on tapping in to inspiration from an immediate, other-worldly and supernatural place."

Stewart describes Vapor City as a concept album based on "a recurring dream I was having before I moved to Berlin" in which he "kept revisiting the same city over and over again in my dreams. I saw the same districts, buildings, clubs, restaurants and even amusement parks."

Stewart will expand his vision of Vapor City with the release of additional remixes, B-sides and short films, the first of which was an arrestingly beautiful video for "Eyesdontlie," described by Stewart as "the red light district of Vapor City filled with debauchery, sex and drugs."

Adds Stewart, teasingly, the "video is just a teaser into that visual world."

Vapor City will hit stores September 30 via Ninja Tune. As previously reported, Machinedrum just announced a sprawling world tour, which will hit Canada. You can see all the dates here.

Watch the clip for "Eyesdontlie" below.