​Liz Phair Unveils Remastered Girly-Sound Track "Bomb"

She's also shared a remastered video for "Stratford-On-Guy"
​Liz Phair Unveils Remastered Girly-Sound Track 'Bomb'
Before she was Liz Phair, she was Girly-Sound, and one of her early recordings under that moniker has been remastered and released.
"Bomb" is set to appear on the upcoming 25th anniversary edition of Exile in Guyville, which includes Girly-Sound's Yo Yo Buddy Yup Yup Word to Ya Muthuh, Girls! Girls! Girls! and Sooty.
"Bomb" originally appeared on the third Girly-Sound cassette, Sooty, but was reworked for Phair's debut LP under her own name and the title changed to "Stratford-On-Guy."
In addition to sharing the remastered version of "Bomb," Phair has also unveiled a remastered video clip for "Stratford-On-Guy." Stream both below.
The Exile in Guyville 25th anniversary box set is due out May 4 through Matador.