Little Dragon "Klapp Klapp" (Nosaj Thing remix ft. Future)

Little Dragon 'Klapp Klapp' (Nosaj Thing remix ft. Future)
Los Angeles producer Nosaj Thing has snapped off Little Dragon's Nabuma Rubberband single "Klapp Klapp" into an all new stratosphere via a rhythm-changing remix. If that weren't enough, he also had rap champ Future throw some AutoTuned honesty onto this revamped version.

Those filthy, filtered synth runs have been erased from the fast-clacking arrangement, with Nosaj Thing instead ushering in calming dial tones, while slathering singer Yukimi Nagano's wriggly vocal runs with reverb and other assorted studio tricks. Future adds some sentimental bars, offering sympathy to someone whom he made cry, while also laying out his long game with the lady.

You can check out the trifecta of talent getting at it together down below.